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Asteroid 44 Nysa 01-23-22

2022 February 23

Asteroid 44 Nysa was moving slowly through the constellation Taurus on January 23rd. During the early evening hours, it was high in the sky. I caught it as it transited the celestial meridian at its highest point above the Oklahoma City light dome to the south.

Asteroid 44 Nysa on January 23, 2022. This 40-minute animation shows very little movement as the asteroid crawls ever so slowly northward through the constellation Taurus. Field of view is approximately 20×15 arcminutes. North is up. East is left. [1]

On this evening, as the animation above shows, 44 Nysa’s apparent sky motion was very slow, moving only 0.14 arcseconds per minute.  At the time of this imaging session, 44 Nysa was 1.317 AU (197,020,396 km/122,422,798 miles) from Earth. Its predicted V magnitude was 10.2, but measurements made on my images gave a magnitude of 11.0. 

44 Nysa is a main belt asteroid whose orbit lies between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. It is a relatively large object with a diameter of approximately 70 km (44 miles).


1. January 23, 2022 02:46:54-03:26:47 UT. 14 images (6 x 30 sec).  Telescope: Meade SN-8 (203 mm f/4 Schmidt-Newtonian). Camera: ZWO ASI224MC with UV/IR Cut Filter.





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