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Trails North Weather Station Status

2017 January 15
by Russ


09:00 CT:  Relative humidity offset set to +5.00%.


12:45 CT:  Barometric pressure offset set to -0.110.


Station down for maintenance 13:30-15:30 CT. New batteries installed in outdoor sensor unit and indoor receiver/display console. Rain gauge inspected. Very clean. No spider webs. Recalibrated barometer. Continued barometric pressure offset as -0.10 inHg.


Retired Acer Aspire Netbook as weather station interface to Internet. Replaced with Ambient Weather Weather Bridge (Meteobridge). Reset barometric pressure offset to -0.10 inHg.


Wind sensor returned to operation. New windcups installed.


Wind sensor inoperative. New windcups ordered. Estimated return to operation 02/12/19.


Station down 12:00-15:00 for routine maintenance. Replaced sensor-transmitter batteries, cleaned all cable terminals, cleaned sensor screen cover, replaced original rain gauge with new rain gauge.


Defective indoor console receiver unit with barometric pressure sensor is replaced with a new unit. Pressure readings are now being accurately reported.


Barometer went out today.  Replacement unit ordered. Estimated fix 05/06/2017. Until then, pressure readings will be incorrect.


Wind vane, anemometer, rain gauge frozen solid. No wind or rain data today.

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